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Portsmouth-based Rock stalwarts Back on the Train celebrate new album Less Talk More Play 

Falling somewhere between singer/songwriter roots rock and indie pop, Portsmouth, New Hampshire-based Back on the Train mixes 60s, 70s, and 90s influences into warm, melodic songs with soulful vocals, and funky rhythms.


More than two years in the making, the new album retains the band’s focus on smart and sturdy in-house songwriting, and articulate execution while expanding its bag of tricks to include a full horn section on select tracks, the recorded songwriting debut of the bassist John Dinger, and some freely improvised segments which weave throughout the album.


Along with Dinger, the band features singer/songwriter and guitarist Adam Ward, and drummer Ebenezer Hearn, who have been making music together under the Back on the Train banner since 2012. Special guests form New England and beyond compliment the band on the new album, and often on stage, including Max Chase on keys, Dave Howland on saxophone, and Mac Ritchey on guitar, among many others.


Since forming, Back on the Train has honed its sound at well over 100 shows at venues throughout New England, and released one previous full length album, Instantly Stronger, in 2013. “We are stoked to be celebrating this new album and we are particularly excited about the mix of guest musicians who spiced up the mix on this new release." says Ward. "We are very happy with how it all came out."




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