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"The band showcases Ward's commitment to not stagnate himself by falling victim to any one particular genre. The music — powered by invigorated fresh steam — is moving. It's melodic rock that tickles listeners' ears with bits of funk, and pieces of reggae.


Bassist John Dinger conducts the train at times with his stoutly contained Wooten-esque low-end performances.


The final piece of the trio — drummer and percussionist Ebenezer Hearn, makes sure the train stays on the rails."

 - Chris Hislop - Portsmouth Herald  

"The music is mellow and creamy. Parts of the night I feel like I am watching 311 or Sublime- a little rap type delivery over funky bass. Other times I feel like I am watching Blink 182- tight sort of punk harmonies. Other times I feel like I am watching Moe."

- Rob Kleiner - 

big band snip.JPG


"Instantly Stronger has many moods. It starts out of the gate with  a head of steam on “Flashback” and turns funky on “Bittersweet Days.” . . . .  leads into  the good-time grooves of “Making Some  Changes,” featuring a thumping Dinger bass solo." 

- Michael Witthaus - Hippo Press

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